Daily Archives: August 8, 2017

Resize Ubuntu Filesystem

Increasing the size of your file system in Ubuntu without loosing the partition data. I did this on a vmware slice. It’s a bit freaky as you are actually deleting the primary partition in the operating system before you can grow it. Start with increasing the VM’s underlying disk space […]

Dual NIC Routing

DualNicRouting Routing for dual nics in a typical DMZ ensuring that any traffic into a network card, routes out on the same card remembering that /etc/network/interfaces can only have a single gateway configured. Example interface file below with only 1 default gateway. # The loopback network interface auto lo iface […]

PostGis and pgRouting

PostGIS is a spatial database extender for the PostgreSQL Open Source Object-Relational database management system. pgRouting extends the PostGIS/PostgreSQL geospatial database to provide geo-spatial routing and other network analysis functionality. We use these alot as the backend for any web or mobile application. This installation assumes latest Ubuntu LTS as […]

Raspberry GPIO Sockets

Communicate with Raspberry GPIO over UDP and TCP Sockets. Explores using UDP as push stream of changes to inputs and outputs on the Raspberry. TCP Connection enables the remote client to control output state changes from the client software. Code on GIT Hub: https://github.com/matzpersson/raspberry-gpio-sockets.git Companion Swift app on https://github.com/matzpersson/raspberry-swift-gpio-remote.git Installation […]

Configure Raspberry for License Plate Recognition

Quick howto for installing and compiling the OpenAlpr project on a Raspberry Pi. Raspberry needs to have atleast 64bit Ubuntu Trusty for this to work. First, install the prerequisites. sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev libtesseract-dev git cmake build-essential libleptonica-dev sudo apt-get install liblog4cplus-dev libcurl3-dev sudo apt-get install beanstalkd Next, head to […]