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We are a small Australian software development business based in Cairns, Queensland. We specialise in hosting, system administration and developing custom solutions for your business's specific needs using open source technology. We can assist as additional individual resources in your existing project, help you develop software and apps for your specific business needs or we can develop your software module and integrate it with our existing Headstation Framework.

We develop, support and administer in open-source technology including Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, Python, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Swift and also build specialised hardware often based on the amazing Raspberry Pi.

We are continuously developing online how-to documentation and upload code snippets to Git Hub. Contact us any time for a chat!

Mapping and Tracking
Vehicles and Vessels

Optional Framework

If you like, we can bring an existing framework with us to reduce the amount of development required. Most businesses need their custom module solution developed but often combined with standard operations management modules to significantly reduce overall development time.

The Headstation framework provides standard tools for managing your operation. It has modules for managing people including rostering, role configuration, compliance monitoring and recruitment management. It provides tools for creating and assigning job tasks with integrated email/sms/app notifications and includes a automated reoccurring job scheduler. Many of the Headstation modules integrate mapping of operation vehicles and vessels recording positions, tracking on map and able to playback historical data. Headstation includes a customisable dashboard system enabling you to get a quick overview of the data you are interested in.

The Headstation Framework is based on incredibly stable Open-Source Ubuntu LTS providing a solid environment favored by millions of users around the world. It utilises common application development environments like PHP, Javascript, Apache webserver, Postgres Database, HTML, CSS, Python and many more.

Headstation framework integrates with Headstation Node server network which is small remote servers installed in vehicles, vessels or remote branches of the operation. Nodes are fully replicated remote open-source servers with customisable applications to suit your operation.

Headstation integrate data collection and data delivery to and from third party systems, work with offline servers and services, integrate radio technology such as Bluetooth, iBeacon and NFC/RFID scanning systems.

We can customise any of the existing modules to incorporate the functionality your require or create new modules, just for your business.  We offer software and hardware development services for both small and large operators integrating the Headstation framework with other systems in your business. Find out more


Most modules in Headstation has data that appear on that modules dashboard. This can be inform of a a chart, gauge or just a tabular view. Within each module dashboard, you can publish to the main home page of Headstation creating a custom overview of your business in a single screen.

The timeline widget is a feed of activity in all modules. You can configure this to suit what you would like to see filtering for certain module activity and severity level. You can define if notifications are required for certain activity or alert.

The news feed are published post from Headstation team by default but this can be set to your own in-house WordPress posts.

Mapping and Tracking

Many of our modules integrate mapping of operation vehicles recording positions, tracking on map and able to playback historical data. 

We typically record custom attributes around the vehicles or vessels including Onboard Diagnostics, camera streaming and location data and speed.

We use the amazing Open Source Javascript based Open Layers combined with OpenGeoserver spatial systems so you can track your vehicles from the office or on the road.

Tracking modules can combine Third-Party GPS logs as well as native Node Logs.


Headstation Jobs module provides tools to monitor all jobs and reoccurring tasks across all departments in your operation. Forget Post-Its!  Jobs is designed specifically to manage maintenance jobs, notifying users as they get assigned new jobs, notifying supervisors on status changes and manage job priorities. 

Headstation provides tools for setting up all your vessels and vehicles as assets and allows you to assign jobs to individual assets. It enables you to keep tabs on job progress and ensures that tasks are not slipping between the floorboards. More on Jobs


Operations and Communication Logs

All modules in Headstation support detailed logs of any change made inside a module. This includes status changes, record additions, map tracking changes, any change to assignment and any notifications sent. Each log written have log severity levels.

Headstation  have built in communications logs allowing people to contribute comments and announcements.


Headstation's low-cost Node servers are mini-servers designed to be installed in vehicles, vessels, remote properties and any location where internet or network connectivity is less than 100%.

Designed specifically for offline environment, the node servers packs a wide range of open-source development environments including classic Apache, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP5, Postgres, WordPress, Python applications and also GeoServer spatial tools for developing localised mapping systems.

The Node server can collect data from locally connected services such as GPS, On-Board Diagnostics (OBD), NMEA2000 as well as streaming external camera to provide OCR and RFID scanning of near and mid-range RFID tags. More on Nodes...

People Management

The People module is a core module accessed from most other modules in Headstation. It provides tools for managing your staff including compliance monitoring, tracking of certificate validity, trade tickets, competency, inductions and licenses to ensure that all staff on site is compliant in their site roles.

Roles enables you to create site roles and associate multiple qualifications into a single role. When you are assigning a person to a role, their qualifications are matched with the role requirements.

People module includes recruitment management enabling you to create and advertise new positions in your business. Each position can have specific qualification requirement attached. As a applicant ticks the qualifications boxes, it rates them. The applicant with highest qualification suitability rates highest and allows you to quickly eliminate unsuitable applicants.

Assets and Business Units

Headstation have a hierarchical organisation structure enabling configuration of head offices with multiple branches and/or departments under branches.

Assets are also hierarchical to enable configuration of parts under components. Customise your assets with as much detail as you need. Assets have customisable types with individual type attributes allowing the business to collect and search the attributes specific for their assets.

Assets are connected with Jobs enabling the business to allocate jobs to a asset adhoc or through a reoccurring scheduler.

Watch Development

Paired with your iPhone, the Headstation Watch based on Apple's iWatch gives you all the app statistics on your wrist.

View data at a glance or drill down deeper by sliding foward. View notifications and alerts to keep fully up to date with activity in the mill areas or across all mill areas.


Software Customisations

We can customise any of the existing modules to incorporate the functionality your require or create new modules, just for your business.

We often integrate data collection and data delivery to and from third party systems, work with offline servers and services, integrate radio technology such as Bluetooth, iBeacon and NFC/RFID scanning systems. We develop responsive applications for both desktop and mobile web browsers. We create native apps that install directly onto your mobile devices.

Find out more how we can help you integrate Headstation with your existing software solutions.

Most Devices

Supports most desktop or mobile device with a internet connection and sometimes without any network.

The Headstation framework have a rich, responsive interface making sure the user interface is friendly and highly functional regardless of the display size of your range of devices.

Contact us anytime to find out how Headstation can work for your business.