$0.01 AUD = 1 Credit

Credits are the type of currency in Headstation.  All transactions, rates and licences are calculated and charged in Credits (cr). All modules within Headstation are also priced and charged in this currency.

Credits are available to be purchased by credit card that go into a Credit Balance pool for your Business to utilise through various methods. Module licences and subscriptions deduct from the Credit Balance pool of your Business within Headstation, not your credit card. For example, a module could cost 100 credits per day which Headstation would automatically deduct from the Credit Balance in your Business Unit. 

Available Modules

These following modules are currently available to used within your Business Unit in Headstation:

Jobs Management

Forget Post-Its! Headstation Jobs is designed specifically to manage maintenance jobs, notifying users as they get assigned new jobs, notifying supervisors on status changes, prioritize jobs. For more information on this module, go here!

50cr/$0.50 AUD per User/per Day!

Consumers Management

With Headstation Consumers, you can set up and send bulk email/sms campaigns with scheduled notifications and promotions! For more information on this module, go here!

15cr/$0.15 AUD per SMS!


2cr/$0.02 AUD per Email!