Networked Signage

Headstation’s Network Signage Player is a small, networked, low-cost media player enabling businesses to locally or optionally centrally manage their digital signage whether it is large tiled commercial video walls, touch screens or just single retail LCD screens .

All product content networked and managed centrally allowing instant distribution and content control across all business locations. While the Headstation product content is centrally stored using your business’s own in-house content servers or external services such as DropBox or Google Drive, content in each location is locally cached for maximum presentation performance and minimal network traffic.

With content locally cached, it can then be streamed to multiple devices including video walls, digital signage, in-store apps and large-size retail touch screens. Streaming can be extended to consumer apps allowing your customers to access the content after they have left your location and enabling them to further share content with others linking back to your store.